Brass Terminal Block 823103

Electrical Busbar Material:
PE, Polyethylene, good pliability, transparence, extensibility, resist dissolve, radiation, Working Temperature:-40 to 65 degree Celsius.
PA, Polyamide 66, 94V-2 grade. inflaming retarding, good resist dissolve, good bounce impact force, Working Temperature: -30 to 110 degree Celsius.
Brass, screw is Iron plated zinc.
Voltage: 250 – 450V
Color: blue and green color as standard
We can according to customer require supply different size, such as, different length, width, hole diameter etc.


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Brass terminal block specification:


Order no.W * H   Hole     L mm      L1 mm  L2 mmH mmW in mmDiameterScrewPlastic
823103-694 6 x 9mm 4397561.424.314.74.3mmM4 x 8PE or PA
823103-6966 x 9mm651.587.57424.314.74.3mmM4 x 8PE or PA
823103-6986 x 9mm86410086.524.314.74.3mmM4 x 8PE or PA
823103-69106 x 9mm1076.5112.59924.314.74.3mmM4 x 8PE or PA
823103-69126 x 9mm1289125111.524.314.74.3mmM4 x 8PE or PA
823103-81248 x 12 mm45483.57121.5126.5mmM5 x 10PE or PA
823102-81268 x 12 mm672101.588.521.5126.5mmM5 x 10PE or PA
823102-81288 x 12 mm890118.9106.521.5126.5mmM5 x 10PE or PA
823102-812108 x 12 mm10108135.5124.521.5126.5mmM5 x 10PE or PA
823102-812128 x 12 mm1212615514321.5126.5mmM5 x 10PE or PA