Ceramic / Plastic Material G4 LED Bulb 835103

Ceramic G4 LED Bulb.
Plastic G4 LED Bulb.
G4 base LED lamp.
Operating temperature: -25 to 55 degree Celsius.
Long lifespan: 30000h.
Low power consumption.
Lower heating during operation.
Lumen decay: 3 within 1000 hours.
Then Lumens be stable.
No mercury, enviromental protection.

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Ceramic Material G4 LED Bulb:
Plastic Material G4 LED Bulb:
Base G4.

Order no. PowerMaterialChip BrandLED quantityLumensDimensionVoltageCTN.weightPhoto
835103-G4-P1.1-A1.1WPlasticSanAn 3014
3V 30mA
24 pcs95 LMD10.8×36.8mmDC/AC 12V3000-7000k5g Plastic-G4-LED-bulb
835103-G4-C1.5-A1.5WCeramicSMD 30202 pcs110 LMD11x33mmDC/AC 12V2700-7000K6g Ceramic-G4-LED-bulb
835103-G4-C2-A2WCeramicSMD 28356 pcs140 LMD18x56mmDC/AC 12V2700-7000K17gcheap Ceramic-G4-LED-bulb