Flood Lights 125114

– HPS/MH classic flood lights fixture.
– Die casting aluminum body.
– Flat tempered glass lampshade.
– High purity aluminum reflector.
– Order SKU No.: 125114

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Applications for flood lights 125114:

– Signage, facade, landscape lighting, building mounted focal points and flag lighting
– Residential, small scale commercial and industrial applications
– Ideal for situations where an easy-to-conceal flood light with either wide beam or narrow beam photometrics is needed.
– Products key tag external lighting.
– This floodlight has been designed for use in outdoor applications and should not be installed in areas of limited ventilation or in high ambient temperature enclosures.

Specification Features 125114:

-Silicone gasket for durable weatherproofing & easy replace.
-Suitable for wet locations.
-Popular external lighting model.
-Precision die cast aluminum.
-Enclosed and gasketed with finished Anodized aluminum reflector and tempered glass lens.
-Corrosion-resistant fixture.
-HID Porcelain 4kv Pulse Rated socket with nickel plated screw.
-Wide beam and narrow beam optics for medium base HID lamps
-Europe or US standard ballasts available.
-Medium base HPS or metal halide lamps.
-Country of origin from china.
-Included full sets lamp or without base on request.
-Finished color base on RAL full series.
-Packing information external lighting: export standard package
-Designed in accordance with relevant European Standards: EN 60598/1 and China GB Standard.