Plastics CFL Streetlights 117101

Plastics CFL Streetlights.
Polycarbonate Streetlights.
ABS streetlights.
Ingress Protection:IP55.
Polycarbonate body and Polycarbonate cover.
ABS body and Polycarbonate cover
High purity anodized aluminium reflector.
Energy saving lamps: Max 1X36W and 2X43W.
Or LED bulb.

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Plastics CFL Streetlights.

roadway, garden,walkway, chemical area, seaside,steamship,acid environment or alkaline environment.

Order no.CFL Max PowerMaterial Fixture DimensionTotal With Arm SizeArm Diameter
117101-136AP1x36WABS body PC cover337x170x150mm550x170x150mm19mm
117101-136PP1x36WPC body PC cover337x170x150mm550x170x150mm19mm
117101-243AP2x43WABS body PC cover337x250x174mm550x250x174mm19mm
117101-243PP2x43WPC body PC cover337x250x174mm550x250x174mm19mm
Photocontrol optional.