ETL LED Wall Pack Lights 726101

ETL Listed Typical LED Wall Pack Lights.

a.Fresnel optical design for PC cover brings perfect light distribution
b.Cree LEDs
c.Mean well driver
d.Dialux simulation service provided.

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ETL Typical LED Wall Pack Lights.

The application of the occasions:
Factory workshop, Gym,industrial lighting, wall lighting area.

Including series of patents, Unique funnel heat sinker, making the lamp better for heat dissipation. Fresnel teeth lighting design for the PC cover, which is suitable for wall light distribution.
The LED driver and LED light source are separated, which is convenient for install and assemble.
LED driver is movable easily, which helps to replace LED driver.
Beauty for the appearance, using Philips or Cree LED.
Meanwell Driver are applied.
4000K 5000K 6000K CCT optional.
Power: 85-305V AC.

Order No.CCTLumensPowerDimensionPackingNet Weight
726101-W405000-5650K3350 LM45 /- 3W366x226x196 mm425x285x255 mm5.5 kg
726101-W605000-5650K4950 LM66 /- 3W366x226x196 mm425x285x255 mm5.5 kg
726101-W805000-5650K6600 LM88 /- 4W366x226x196 mm425x285x255 mm5.5 kg
726101-W1005000-5650K8250 LM105 /- 4W366x226x196 mm  425x285x255 mm7.9 kg
726101-W1205000-5650K 10125 LM130 /- 4W366x226x196 mm 425x285x255 mm7.9 kg
726101-W1505000-5650K12375 LM162 /- 5W366x226x196 mm425x285x255 mm7.9 kg







Order No.PowerLumensEfficacyCCTDimensionPower FactorCRI
726101-L3838W2660 LM70 LM/W4000/5000K362x229x184mm0.95>=70
726101-L7878W6240 LM70 LM/W4000/5000K460x238x229mm0.95>=70